Saturday, 2 July 2011

The beginning...

Most of the people reading this blog will probably know David and I but I will give a brief recap of our story.
We met in 2008 at Fleming College where we were both taking Environmental Technology. We spent the first semester as friends but over Christmas break (December 28, to be exact!) we decided to become an official couple. We were inseperable for the rest of our first year. I mean literally always together! We had 5 days of class together, spent most Saturdays together and went to church together. We continued to spend abnormal amounts of time together over the summer and had people expecting us to be engaged by the following September (which was weird because we hadn't even been together for a year!).
On December 28, 2009 David made me a promise ring out of a rock we found the first day we met. It was so beautiful and I wore it every day for the next year and a half. I graduated from my two year program the following April and managed to find a job for most of the summer. Obviously this took a toll on our relationship because we weren't used to being seperated.
Once fall came around again David went to school for an additional third year and I continued to work full time.  Between school and work we found it hard to spend time together.  To celebrate two years together I invited him to my place to enjoy a home cooked meal of stuffed pasta shells:) It was really nice to spend time together, just the two of us, for a few hours. Over the next few months we continued to be seperately busy while missing each other like crazy. We spent a lot of time talking about how great it would be when we are married.  Neither of us was scared by the thought of marriage and we knew early on in our relationship that we were aiming towards that. My contract at work ended in February and David continued to be busy with school, work and his co-op placement. He did manage to find time to drive me to Toronto for my laser eye surgery appointment, though:)
Once he graduated in April the pressure was on to find a full time and permanent job in his field. The poor guy was constantly bombarded with job postings from both me and his mother, but he never freaked out.  I started another contract at work in May while David kept his part time job.  He sent his resume to a really good company in Peterborough and was asked to come in for an interview a few days later. This past Monday (June 27) was his interview date and I'm proud to say he was offered a job right on the spot!since I had the week off, on Tuesday we went to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the day to celebrate two and half years of being together. We had a great time and the weather was great right up until we decided to go bike riding. We couldn't find the rental store so decided to head back to a park where David insisted on collecting seeds and leaves. There was this really neat tree that had leaves shaped like a kitten face, so we went to pick one. After I picked the leaf and turned to face him he said "I know you said not to get you anything..." and got down on one knee. He followed with  "Christina, will you marry me?" and presented me with the most gorgeous ring (As soon as he lowered to the ground I yanked off my promise ring which was on my ring finger and jammed it in my pocket so he could put the engagment ring on). I was so surpised and obviously said yes!! After we hugged for a while I had to go sit down because my legs were shaking.  I then had to text my parents, best friends and co-worker to tell them the news! My parents knew it was going to happen but I text them anyways with pictures of the ring. 
We eventually headed home to show his family and then mine.  Everyone ooh-ed and ahh-ed over the ring and there was a lot of squealing. That was four days ago and I'm still on cloud nine! I wake up every morning smiling and filled with excitement at what's to come.  We're both looking forward to planning our wedding, but even more excited to actually be married!
As something new in our engagment happens (bridal party announced, dress found, date set, etc...) I'll make a new post to keep everyone updated. Thanks for wanting to be in the loop!


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  1. Christina you are so blessed...I pray you will find happiness every day you wake up!