Friday, 7 September 2012

we are home owners!

You read that right...we bought a house!

After seeing over 40 houses this summer we finally found one we wanted to make an offer on.  We were going to see a different house for a second time, but bring our parents because we liked it and wanted their opinion.  We then went to see "our" house for the first time (with our parents) because we were all out anyways.  Overall, it got a good response from all!  There were some things that our dads noticed and expressed concern over but it didn't scare us away.
We saw it on Thursday, August 23 and decided to make an offer on Saturday.  There was an open house all day Saturday so we were a little nervous that they would get a better offer.  The sellers were away until 5:30 that evening so our offer was submitted as soon as they got home.  About an hour later our agent calls to tell us to say that the sellers counter offered our offer...we originally offered them about $15,000 less than the asking price with the conditions of home inspection and finacning.  Their counter offer was more money, but we said YES.  We set up a home inspection and called the mortgage broker to let him know (we were already preapproved but now he had to find us a bank to give us the money).
The inspection could have gone better, but we decided to use the finding as barganing tools.  The inspection was the following hursday so we had the long weekend to decide what our next step was.  After a lot of discussion and thought, David and I decided we still wanted this house.  The sellers verbally agreed to repair/replace some things and cover the cost of others.  We signed the ammended agreement on Tuesday (September 4) and the "Sold" sign went on the house!
We are now waiting for our lawyer to do all the legal stuff and the sellers to fix what they agreed to.
The house closes on September 28 and we are so excited!

So...about the house:
  • Viceroy style bungalow
  • 3+1 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms (the main bathroom has 2 sinks:D)
  • attached 1 car garage
  • vaulted ceilings
  • 1 acre lot

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